Reformance workout

Try these exercises right now! Always take the necessary precautions such as if it feels painful stop and get professional advice.  

With your desk, your kitchen bench, your chairs or anything you can put your hands on and stretch at a height that is right for you (enough stretch without pain)......

Bend at your hips keeping your back straight in the "ready position". This is the modern day downward dog for the modern day person. I love many forms of yoga, but when you need a starting point to stretch to open the gateways to your myofascial lines to release fascia, this works. I have used these for 12 years and haven't found many movements that work the fascia better for  a better starting point rehabilitation, balance and condition.

I would also like to credit to book HOW LIFE MOVES by Caryn McHose and Kevin Frank who published exercises I used to develop my exercises for many people in pain.

Many other us never eat sleep or sit on the floor..........

Most of us don't squat when we need a number 2........

Many of us never rise and lower our bodies to the ground regularly...

I believe that this makes yoga difficult for most of us in a western world and progression slow. Yoga is fantastic but is not always a great starting point for someone in pain or just starting to get active.

These exercises have had a many great influences on how to train and open myofascial lines. Many have been taken from yoga but works on the simple idea that if you have back pain and/or are chronically tight and you struggle with some of the most basic yoga poses, they are a great and easy way to explore what it's like to stretch the whole of your anatomy trains lines, feel how they sling you into movement and get the layers gliding over each other from superficial to deep.

The Wave - level 1

The Wave - level 2

Hip Thrusts

Hip hikes

Diagonal Hip Thrusts

Karate Kicks