KMI -Myofascial Release


Kinesis Myofascial Integration

Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) is a hands on bodywork with a difference. I manipulate your soft tissue (fascia) with the aid of movement to create a new structural balance not only freeing you from difficult to solve pain, but improving your physical performance in everything you do. 

Stiffness can make us feel trapped in our own bodies which makes it hard to escape pain when it occurs. 

KMI releases the whole body, allowing you to move freely and find a new balance which is great for the treatment of chronic problems.


Cannot overcome reoccurring pain?

It may feel like a deep tissue massage in many ways but has a structural approach, like Osteopathy, to realign the bones and create even space in the joints. It's “Spacial Medicine” which reorganizes your inner space.  By re-educating this intelligent tissue you keep improving well after sessions are completed. It follows the "Anatomy Trains"  by directing the body into more efficient movement and to better postures.


It helps a broad range of problems.

It has been especially helpful for kids going through growing spurts. I've also had success with hypermobility (over flexible joints), sports people from many disciplines) and saved clients from joint replacements and reduced arthritic pain.