My Journey


It was in 1990, I narrowly missed making a final at the Australian National Swimming Championships. I never got the chance again due to shoulder injury I could not overcome. I have also had problems until recently with a reoccurring achilles injuries and have dealt with back pain many times in the past. 

I have tried many traditional and alternative approaches to overcoming pain and improving performance. But it was not until I tried KMI, that literally 'joined the dots' between my low functioning joints to the myofascial lines that drive our body. 

I worked in Geneva in 2014 on a research project with a leading doctor into heeling Fybromyalgia  using shockwaves with KMI to rebalance the body and release trigger points (overhardened, painful muscles knots).

It was in the early 1995 that I became a fitness professional after teaching and training swimmers. I moved to London in 2001, where I started my business as a Personal Trainer. I began studying fascia when I started doing yoga and teaching  Pilates.

I became one of the few graduates of Tom Myers, (Author of Anatomy Trains), Structural Integration program called KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration). Since then I have felt humbled by the people I have helped using KMI and movement.

Im living proof, that KMI and shockwaves work. It has helped me resolve long standing postural imbalances and injuries which went unresolved for much of my life. I now play tennis regularly and compete in triathlons.