My Journey


I have been creating better balance in my own body and others for many years.

Fascia is it bit like the untouched sense in many of us, unless we learn to awaken it, redirect it and hydrate it will remain a limited sense.

But timing is important, which has been the latest lesson I have learnt.

Finding "the window of opportunity" 

... when to stretch 

....when to strengthen

...when to self myofascial release

...when to treat

I enjoy tennis, running, bike riding and swimming. But its my own workouts I get the most benefits from.

Even if it just doing a calf stretch routine that helps me perform better whether  I'm walking down the High St intalso means I'm closer to playing tennis again.

There is an Australian saying we used to say as kids if you boasted to your friends about something you did that you did that you are proud of. e.g. Kicking a goal in  football with friends in your back yard.

"Im a legend" the boy boasts

"Legend in a lunch box"  his friends respond

..meaning that is a small thing to be happy about yourself for

...but the boy smiles to himself and he stands tall, then the memory drives him keep learning to move better.

It was in 1990, I narrowly missed making a final at the Australian National Swimming Championships. I never got the chance again due to shoulder injury I could not overcome. I have had problems with a reoccurring achilles tendonophy and have dealt with back pain many times in my life. 

I have tried many traditional and alternative approaches to overcoming pain and improving performance. But it was not until I tried KMI, that literally 'joined the dots' between my low functioning joints to the myofascial lines that drive our body. 

I worked in Geneva on a research project with a leading doctor in Fybromyalgia to show how myofascial release can be achieved on ovenhardened tissue using shockwaves with KMI.

I know how difficult it is to be limited by injuries and back pain.

It was in the early 1990s that I became a fitness professional after teaching and training swimmers. I moved to London in 2001, where I started my business as a Personal Trainer. I began studying fascia when I started doing yoga and teaching  Pilates. I was then astounded by the knowledge I gained reading the  Anatomy Trains that literally show where problems can start in other parts of the body that stop an injured site from healing.

I became one of the few graduates of Tom Myers, (Author of Anatomy Trains), Structural Integration program called KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Intergration). Since then I have felt humbled by the people I have helped using KMI and movement.