Personal Training/Movement Specialist

I improve your relationship with gravity to create an even tension, tone and balance all over your body. 

Intelligent movement that is specific to your body type (blueprint) teaches you to utilize underused muscles to create tone in the bum and tummy area. 

It is also about re-timing your movement with specialised exercises that ensure “Activation” of these muscles in your future movement, creating better habitual movements. 

“Every move you make, Every breath you take can improve when you focus on training fascia and not just muscles."

I have had vast experience working with tennis players (aspiring kids, weekend warriors and the elite) and other sportsmen to improve performance, fat loss and body toning clients. This is because when you discover your own individual blueprint movement patterns you not only perform better, but feel and look better too.

I assess balance in all your major joints through movement and posture analysis. I find the major restrictions and release with unique movements. Often, clients are surprised how much these restrictions affect injury and tone.

Also, I do group training which is great way to spread the cost of a session with others. 

I have also started The Movement Performance Academy for young tennis players gets kids in the right physical shape for their best game.