Prices and How to book


Balance Performance Physiotherapy

113 Gauden Rd Clapham SW46LE

Reformance Class   

 (its yoga modified to your level)                    60 minutes                                             £25 

maximum 5 participants

Tuesday    7pm

Thursday  7:30pm

book direct with Sean

Shockwaves                                   30 minutes  (address one concern)                         £60

                                                          3 x 30 minute     (complete plan)                             £159

                                                           75 minutes ( includes Posture Fix)                         £105

                                                           4 x 75minutes                                                             £399

KMI (Myofascial Release)         45 minutes   (address one concern)                             £70


         75 minutes (includes Posture Fix)                                                                              £95

           4 x 45minutes                                                                                                            £380                                                                                          


Personal Training                        1 hour                                                                      £70

                                               10 x 1 hour                                                                      £669

*Posture Fix : Addressing not only myofascial lines affecting main concern, but also addressing myofascial lines affecting posture.

Complete Posture Fix takes 12 sessions with a semi completion each 4 sessions.

e.g. If you know your posture is affecting an injury or problem, it is best to book treatment with Posture Fix.


ph 07986360193

There will be an online booking service in near future.


Harbour Club - Members Only

KMI                                                45 minutes                               £82

Personal Training                      10 x 1 hour                                  £775

Contact me directly for bookings.