Tennis players

"I wouldn't be able to play tennis at all now if I had not found Sean 10 years ago!"   Suzanne (looks 30 years old)

" I have been a keen tennis player for many years but developed a rotator cuff tear that no other treatment could help until I had shockwaves with Sean. " Ellie

My clients have included senior and junior elite tennis players.

The whole family

"Sean has worked on nearly the whole family, he did the 12 series posture fix on my Husband and I, then we brought 2 of our 3 children to see Sean after they were diagnosed with scoliosis (twist in the spine). He was able to help straighten their spines at crucial stages of their growth".


Recently, I looked at who my clients were here and 50% were children. Often Parents I had stopped treating years ago, bring their kids to see me when they get growing pains.


"I originally saw Sean for a series of 12 sessions which has helped both back pain, and achilles injury. I see Sean every few months and its like an MOT to ensure I can keep up with a busy family and still be able to play tennis regularly"

Don 54 years old

Fybromyalgia sufferer

"I have searched for answers to my illness for many years and seen the many top experts on Harley St. It was not until I received Shockwave Treatments with Sean that I made the most progress. "

Reece 50 years old