The Reformance Workout

Form a well body today

Decide what platform to use.

Chairs, table, kitchen bench, bed ect...

This surface height is your "reference point" where you can place your hands evenly folding your body from the waist whilst maintaining your lumbar curve. This is a modified downward dog position that gives your posterior chain an even engagement (especially those who spend a lot of time sitting at desks). It can be higher or lower "reference point" depending on your individual range and comfort in the position.

Our bodies have plasticised to the shape modern living with furniture that does not allow our body to perform the full range movements it needs to be healthy.

Many of us rarely eat, sleep or sit on the floor..........

Many of us never rise and lower our bodies to the ground regularly.....

The time sitting on chairs and sofas,  as well as the use of many other types of furniture  has restricted what our bodies were originally evolved to perfor

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The Wave - level 1

The Wave - level 2

Hip Thrusts

Hip hikes

Diagonal Hip Thrusts

Karate Kicks