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Reformance class Monday 7pm and Thursday 7pm


 Balance Performance Physio 

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Strength training


KMI - Myofascial Release Massage


"After seeing Harley St experts  for Fybromyalgia, back pain and sport injuries, Sean was able to achieve success where no one else could."  

Reece, Entrepreneur

'So convinced I was with KMI, I have found a direct improvement in player performance and players winning tournaments when KMI was added to match preparation " Charles, performance tennis coach

"Sean was able to save my hip from an operation, he balanced my pelvis by relieving deep pain and reducing stiffness in other areas such as my ankles helping me walk better" Leo, 65 year s old, keen golfer

- Improves Back Pain

- Overcome Injuries

- Improves performance

- Posture Improvements

- Great for kids with growing pains

-Sports Injuries

-Shoulder problems

-Knee Pain

Balance Performance Physio

Clapham, London

Permanent Trigger Point reduction

-Reduces recovery time

Balance Performance Physio

Clapham, London  

Personal Training/Movement Specialist


"I achieve results faster and easier, with Sean''s unique knowledge of fascia."   Lucy -Kite surfer, club tennis player and mum

"Sean was able to help my daughter find ease in tennis specific positions on court that has improved her game dramatically." Leanne,  mother of 10 year old future star of game."

- Tennis Specific Performance

-Injury Rehabilitation

-Improve posture and movement patterns

- Weight loss and toning

-Back pain

-Posture Fix

-Sports Performance

Balance Performance Physio

Clapham, London

The Body Detective


"No case too big or too small"

I have been creating better balance in my own body and others for many years, by understanding fascia and what individual requirements it needs. Hard or easy to resolve issues are less likely to reoccur when you improve fascial balance .

Myofascial Release is when you release different layers in the body often between deep smaller muscles nearer bone (eg. rotator cuff muscles) and bigger, superficial muscles that often cover this area (eg.shoulder deltoid). The area is reshaped and balanced to ensure you improve after the treatment.

I also help the body restore hardened tissue and redirect them to allow muscles to keep gliding between each other to help you create more grace and ease in everything you do.

I have also developed effective Self Myofascial Release methods that show you how to make a small discipline, like foam rolling, help you sustain long term release, and even more effective if timed with movements after to keep the body layers hydrated and buoyant.

Regular Self Release   +  Movement (activating more release) 

= Improve Results (by x 10 or more)

This makes treatments even more effective too and a prerequisite for elite sports people I treat.

I feel like my own body detective at times, which I encourage everyone to try on themselves and develop your sixth sense, FASCIA.



What is Fascia?

Fascia is our inner weblike fabric, once thought to be dense tissue that divides the body into separate parts.

Understanding fascia is not easy, but with whatever modality I use, whether it is Movement, KMI or shockwaves, I ensure the body achieves a better long term balance which helps to overcome a broad range of problems. 

Reformance Class

Balance Performance Physio Monday 7pm Thursday 7pm £20 5 maximum participants

Modifed Yoga for Modern day people. 

Stretch, strengthen and rebalance.

The Reformance class works on the simple idea that using wave like movements can wake up inactive postural muscles and "inform" your body what parts of your body need to work better. By improving the "waves" you send through the body in this routine it helps you find better vertical balance.

The Wave (feel fascia move now!)

See and feel for yourself how the Front and Back Myofascial Lines work in partnership. Think of the Myofascial Lines  like a line of uncut sausages. The "meat" being muscle and fascia the  "sausage skin" that coates and links sausages (muscles) eg. the hamstring link to the calfs.

This is my most used Posture Fix but depends on your back shape if its right for you, so please take caution.

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