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Shockwave Therapy

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Personal Training/Movement Specialist

"It's an education for my body, the  better I move, the better I perform and look."   Lucy -Kite surfer, club tennis player and mum

- Tennis Specific Performance

-Injury Rehabilitation

-Improve posture and movement patterns

- Weight loss and toning

-Back pain

-Posture Fix

-Sports Performance


- Balance Performance Physio

- Harbour Club Chelsea (members only)

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KMI -Myofascial Release

"Sean is my 'go to man' for anyone I know in pain and wants to improve physical performance, my tennis players, friends and family. He helps others ,where no one else could." Charles, performance tennis coach

- Improves Back Pain

- Overcome Injuries

- Improves performance

- Posture Fix

- Great for kids with growing pains

-Sports Injuries

-Tennis Elbow

-Golfers Elbow

-Wrist Injuries

-Frozen Shoulder

-Knee Pain


- Balance Performance Physio

- Harbour Club Chelsea (members only)

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About Me

The Body Detective

I have been creating better balance in my own body and others for many years, by understanding fascia and what makes it individual. 

Fascia is it bit like the untouched sense in many of us, but unless we learn to reawaken it, redirect it and hydrate it.

But you have to make any positive change a habit in movement. 

I learnt this by knowing 

... when to stretch 

....when to strengthen

...when to self myofascial release

..when to treat

I enjoy tennis, running, bike riding and swimming. But its my own workouts I enjoy most, even if it just a calf stretch routine that helps me get to work without feeling pain. 

There is an Australian saying we used to say as kids if you boasted to your friends about something you did you are proud of. e.g. Kicking a football goal with friends in your back yard.

"Im a legend" the boy responds

"Legend in a lunch box"  his friends respond

..meaning that is a small thing to be happy about yourself for

...but the boy smiles to himself and he stands tall  as thinks about his accomplishment and then imitating how professional player would celebrate.


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What is Fascia?

Fascia is our inner weblike fabric, once thought to be dense tissue that divides the body into separate parts.

Understanding fascia is not easy, but with whatever modality I use, whether it is Movement, KMI or shockwaves, I ensure the body achieves a better long term balance which helps to overcome a broad range of problems. 

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The Wave (feel fascia move now!)

See and feel for yourself how the Front and Back Myofascial Lines work in partnership. Think of the Myofascial Lines  like a line of uncut sausages. The "meat" being muscle and fascia the  "sausage skin" that coates and links sausages (muscles) eg. the hamstring link to the calfs.

This is my most used Posture Fix but depends on your back shape if its right for you, so please take caution.

Reformance Class

Balance Performance Physio Monday 7am Tuesday 7pm Thursday 730pm £25 5 maximum participants per class book with Sean 07986360193

Modifed Yoga for Modern day people. 

Stretch, strengthen and rebalance.

The Reformance class works on the simple idea that using wave like movements can wake up inactive postural muscles and "inform" your body what parts of your body need to work better. By improving the "waves" you send through the body in this routine it helps you find better vertical balance.

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Please contact me directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have. 

Feel free to contact me on ph 0798636 0193


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For appointments at on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Balance Performance Physio  phone 020 7627 2308 For appointments at Harbour Club or any other times contact me directly on phone no 07986360193