Fascia - our internal human fabric and largest sensory organ



Monday 6:30pm

at Balance Physio, Clapham, London

first lesson free for a limited time

"I started the workout to enhance the KMI I received from Sean. The moves from the class have really helped my back pain."

Suzanne-Mum and tennis enthusiast

Different, Fun and Challenging...







maximum 5 participants 


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KMI - Myofascial Release for Structural Balance

"After seeing Harley St experts  for Fybromyalgia, back pain and sport injuries, Sean was able to achieve success where no one else could."  

Reece, Entrepreneur

'So convinced I was with KMI, I have found a direct improvement in player performance and players winning tournaments when KMI was added to match preparation " Charles, performance tennis coach

"Sean was able to save my hip from an operation, he balanced my pelvis by relieving deep pain and reducing stiffness in other areas such as my ankles helping me walk better" Leo, 65 year s old, keen golfer

- Improves Back Pain

- Overcome Injuries

- Posture Improvements

- Great for kids with growing pains

-Sports Injuries

-Shoulder problems

-Knee Pain 

Balance Performance Physio

Clapham, London

Balance Performance Physio

Clapham, London  

call Sean on 07986360193


12 Week Body Reformation

I have some secrets to help your individual body type.

It will replace or enhance your current fitness plan.

The latest science discoveries of Fascia (your intelligent tissues)  shows us that by releasing the tissue linked to muscle chains can now dramatically improve toning in problem areas and free you from pain.

But not many people know the movements and  manual stimulation required to these tissues (eg foam  rolling, trigger point release) to get maximum results.

Balance Performance Physio

Clapham, London

call Sean on 07986360193

Sean O'Leary's qualifications and influences to his approach include:


Anatomy in Motion Practitioner since 2014

Much of my movement approach for personal training stems from this method.  More freedom in the feet can dramatically change the rest of the body. 

AiM was developed by Gary Ward who wrote the book "What the Foot" and shot to fame on TV show "Call a Doctor" simply by manipulating the feet and asking the person to perform certain moves. Quoted recently in best selling book "Primate Change" with the statement "Stand up everything needs to be move" highlighting how the impression we make with our feet can change the shape of rest of the body.


ATSI(KMI) Practitioner since 2006

This is the hands on method for tissue that doesn't change with just better movement alone. You lie down and slowly move joints as I manipulate your FASCIA, hydrating and rebalancing problem areas causing pain. 

Generally done in 4 to 12 Sessions. This is Structural Integration is often known as "rolfing" developed by Tom Myers author of best selling book "Anatomy Trains" and a world leader in teaching Myofascial Release methods used by top Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Sports Therapists currently in the English Premier League and has a strong history helping top American Footballers .

The Wave (feel fascia move now!)

Think of the Myofascial Lines like linked sausages. The "meat" being the muscle and the fascia the  "sausage skin" that coates and links sausages (muscles) eg. the hamstring link to the calves.

Start in "Ready Position"  to fully activate MYOFASCIAL BACK LINE and then wave the body into t MYOFASCIAL FRONT LINE.

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