Shockwave Therapy London

Trigger Points


Can you feel hardened knot-like tissues in the points above?  

Do you get referred pain when you press any of these areas?

 Have you had tennis elbow, frozen shoulder or other injuries?

Do you get back pain where these knots appear? 

If you have unresolved pain and stubborn muscle knots (trigger points) like these, Shockwave therapy can help.

It helps Fybromyalgia sufferers, which one of the main symptoms is painful Trigger Points all over the body. In some instances, sufferers could not get out of bed for years, until they experienced shockwaves.

 Shockwave Therapy helped me overcome a long standing shoulder problem, reoccurring achilles injuries and improved my habitually poor postural patterns. 

Reshape your body


 Myofascial Release and Shockwave Therapy has proven to be a superior combination to many conventional methods to resolving long standing pain and dysfunction, like my own. 

It has helped many other people including tennis players (elite and recreational) and those who have demanding jobs, including desk bound workers and busy Mum's.

If you have been responsive to Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Massage in the past, Shockwaves can further release restrictions and help any positive changes stay in your body longer.

 It helps any tightened and damaged tissue heal to create better joint performance and sustain better balance.

It can help Cellulite too and I'm completing some trials at present to ensure the best treatment and homework plan. Results will be published soon in a leading women's magazine.

Improve Performance


Shockwave Therapy has been used by many top sportsman and has been rumoured to have been the secret weapon of many top football teams, especially in Germany where the technology was first developed.


It is also  now a proven method for tendon repair for the achilles, hamstrings and gluteal muscles (hips and bum areas) and plantar fasciitis (foot pain). 

 Combined with treating trigger points, or even targeting trigger points alone,  helps accelerate the healing process when the body can’t recover from injury and saves many people from more expensive surgical procedures.