Shockwave Therapy London

Back Pain and Trigger Points


Can you feel painful, hardened, knot-like tissues in the area above?  

Do you get referred pain elsewhere, when you press any of these areas?

Shockwave Therapy restores the healing process for short and long standing problems such as


-Unresolved Back Pain

-Chronic fatigue

-Joint pain and injuries

-Long standing postural problems

Reshape your body


 Shockwave Therapy  + KMI(Myofascial Release)

= Optimal Freedom from Pain

It has helped many other people including tennis players (elite and recreational) and those who have demanding jobs, including desk bound workers and busy Mum's.

Often, our bodies build an outer tissue layer around tears and trigger points, but leaves the area suspectable to reinjury.

Shockwaves stimulate these unresolved tears to repair, often when surgery is the only other option offered.

Hard to solve injuries


Shockwave Therapy has been used by many elite sportsman, including top football teams.


It is also a proven method for tendon repair for the achilles, knee, hamstrings and gluteal muscles (hips and bum areas) and plantar fasciitis (foot pain). 

If you have been responsive to Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Massage in the past, Shockwaves can further release restrictions more permanently.

Im living proof that Shockwave Therapy works. After 20 years of shoulder problems, joint and back pain and achilles injuries Im now playing regular tennis and competing in Triathlons.